Is Qi2 Elements a new company?

No. Qi2 Elements is the services brand for Qi2's advanced integrity management services businesses.

Why the brand splits?

It is important to bring clarity to the market in the brand purpose. Qi2 Elements is a strategic business expansion to build an intelligence-driven inspection and engineering resource provider. One, built upon “elements” developed at Qi2 (Quest Integrated) which are inclusive of novel NDE sensor technologies; a higher level of NDE knowledge; and their integration with robotic platforms and digital tools optimally engineered to deliver a new tier of robotic and digitally-enabled asset integrity management.

What is the service business objective?

Innovating solutions in the inspection businesses for 25-years, we are positioning for a leadership role in the delivery of technology-enhanced inspection and integrity management services to span aboveground storage tanks, pressure vessels, high-purity equipment, and pipelines.

Where are the operational regions for Qi2 Elements?

Headquartered in North America, we have a globally distributed services network that assures, no world region is beyond our efficient service capability.

How are you different from other tank and pipeline inspection companies?

Our uniqueness is derived from a culture of innovation that continuously seeks to find and develop solutions that bring meaningful value to our clients. Technology enablement is simply one dimension. The other is our commitment to understand and address the expectations of every client for the highest standards of safety and quality services. Our value propositions are based on delivering actionable intelligence that is clear, concise, and timely.

Do you still sell and service your LOTIS® inspection systems?

Yes. Qi2 Systems (Qi2Systems.com) is our NDE/NDT products division for the development, delivery, and support of our optical-based non-destructive test and measurement systems. We now offer laser inspection technologies designed for the automotive hose and upstream oil and gas industries, supported with calibration and support services to all our sold systems.

Where are you now headquartered?

Our corporate offices, technology development, and Qi2 Systems division remain in Kent, WA. Our Pipeline Resources and Storage Tank Resources division offices are now headquartered in Houston, TX.