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Qi2 Elements is a new division of Quest Integrated (Qi2) to deliver advanced robotic process automation and inspection technologies to operators of aboveground storage tanks and pressure vessels. Our brand reflects the service application of “elements” developed at Qi2 which are inclusive of novel NDE sensor technologies, a higher-level of NDE knowledge and the integration with robotic platforms optimally engineered to meet the requirements of a given field of use.

Our services are initially focused on the delivery of inspections in North America. We have operational teams strategically positioned in the Midwest, Southwest, Eastern and Central US. We will develop strategic partnerships as appropriate to better service our worldwide clients.

Our uniqueness is derived from a culture of innovation which continuously seeks to find and develop solutions which bring meaningful value to our clients. Technology enablement is simply one dimension. The other is our commitment to understand and address the expectations of every client for the highest standards of safety and quality services. Our value propositions are based on delivering actionable intelligence that is clear, concise and timely.

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