In-Service Inspection


In-Service (Onstream) API 653 inspections is the industry’s standard mandated method to assure tanks are thoroughly and routinely inspected for compliant condition and operation. Inspection of the tank shell, roof and appurtenances assures that over time and between scheduled internal (out of service) inspections, there are no changes that have occurred in asset conditions which could lead to a systemic failure or spill risk, or contribute to a breach of environmental outgas allowances while in a filled state. 

Qi2 Element’s inspectors bring the experience and broad scope of training and knowledge of materials, corrosion rates and construction to this task. We monitor any changes and can respond to prevailing regulations (federal and state).

  • Experts in visual testing with high level knowledge of materials, welds and construction
  • Experienced with inspection technologies for the detection of corrosion and other damage mechanisms
  • Reporting expertise to guide client to rapid return to compliant state

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